WindRider AS 

In recent years more and more Disabled Sailing Programs and Sailability Clubs around the world have added WindRider Trimarans to their fleet, and they have experienced the benefits these great boats offer. WindRider recognizes the importance of allowing as many people as possible access to sailing, and as such has introduced the WindRider AS.

The WindRider AS has been especially designed for Adaptive Sailing. It combines all the advantages of the very popular WindRider 17, such as its performance, low-cost, durability, safety and comfort, with some added features which allow the widest variety of people to enjoy sailing in an exciting, yet safe way. Either solo, with two or in a group.

Compared to the WindRider 17, the new WindRider AS sports foot steering in both front and aft cockpit and interchangeable joystick steering in either front or aft cockpit. Furthermore its polyethylene hulls, sturdy aluminum beams and a fully flat floor make it easy to add individual customized adaptations or seats.

WindRider AS WindRider AS

WindRider AS

The WindRider AS is fully ‘AS1 and AS2 ready’, meaning with minimal time and effort it can be upgraded to become a race-ready full-performance WindRider AS1 or WindRider AS2. So a boat can be used for daily recreational activities and club racing and with a specially designed upgrade kit it is possible to use the same boat to compete on the highest level in regional, national and international one-design WindRider AS1 and AS2 races.

The WindRider AS1 and AS2 are specifically designed and equipped to allow racing at the highest level, either solo (AS1), or with two (AS2). Like the standard WindRider AS, the AS1 and AS2 versions sport foot-steering in the front cockpit (AS1) or aft cockpit (AS2), and all control and trim lines are routed to an ergonomic cleat console on the front cockpit. Standard included are a furling reacher on a carbon-fiber bowsprit, mid-boom sheeting with traveler control, adjustable backstays, and a safety package which includes buoyancy bags in the amas and an automatic mast flotation device in the mast. Hardware is top of the line Harken and most control lines are lightweight Dyneema. Optional extras include joystick steering and barberhaulers for both jib and reacher.

  WindRider 17 Trimaran

WindRider AS1

Fully adaptive sailing, from recreational to full-on racing

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